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A standard sized desktop color laser printer by Konica Minolta with a max resolution of 2400.0 dpi x 600.0 dpi.

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uneven streaks on paper


Hi, I've been getting white streaks on my color copies that vary in width and tried several things.

1- cleaned the glass lens with a soft cloth.

2 - swiped a clean cloth across the fuser bristles.

3 -Reinstalled the driver.

4- purchased a new drum but the problem remains.


I scanned a sheet illustrating the problem so it someone supplies a email address I'll forward the copy file. A picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks (

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When you say white streaks, do you mean vertical streaks where it looks like no toner was deposited? Are they constant width streaks or do they vary along their length or from sheet to sheet? Yes, a pic would be very helpful. You should be able to edit your question and upload it.

My first thought was that it sounds like the toner cartridge isn't depositing toner evenly across the width of the drum, but if black and all three colours are equally affected then that would almost certainly absolve the toner cartridges.

It's a while since I've attempted to clean a laser printer, but I think they normally have a wire held at a high voltage and running the width of the drum in order to charge it. You normally also have to clean that.


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Hello bob i used to work on copiers back in the early 90,s.., you say that you cleaned the fuser brushes which led me to believe that, the unit in question has a fuser of some kind you need to get the fuser rollers out of the machine and clean or replace them.. over time with continued use the fuser rollers will get toner baked or embedded in them and no amount of cleaning will help.. if you can get the rollers out and clean them great but the rollers need to be slick and shiny and no damage to the surface of the rollers the rollers in the fuser unit impress the toner on the page even if you clean the rollers if they are damaged, they will pick up toner from your copies,, stick in the damaged area and start leaving streaks or smears again… i hope this help..joe

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make a light color grid and lay it corner-ways on the glass.. make a copy. lay it to the side. make another copy and turn the copier off mid-cycle carefully pull the drum out and check the copy on the drum. check for any bad spots. smears. or skipping. if the drum look good, make another copy turn off when paper starts to emerge inspect paper for copy integrity before the fuser unit generally fuser unit burns and presses image on or into the paper if image is good going in but bad comming out problem is there. fuser has 2 rollers one for heat, one for pressure one might be marred or damaged. or the cleaner of these rollers has excessive dirt on it. it might take a few copies to find the problem. but the problem will show up. is there a mirror inside the drum area that might not be cleaned.?? good luck

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