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Originally internally coded as LFA, the 2015 Sonata was unveiled in Korea late March 2014, and was unveiled in America at the 2014 New York International Auto Show.

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How to clean intake valves

how do you clean the intake valves in the GDI engine. 2015 2.4 liter

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If your engine is really GDI there is no need to clean the intake valves since the only thing that should be flowing through the intake ports is clean filtered air. Unless of course the engine is worn to the point that oil is entering the intake path in significant amounts past the valve guides perhaps.

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If there is a PCV system, which there should be, but again, you need a bad engine sucking oil to draw the oil into the intake system to leave deposits. What problems are you having that you think you need to clean the intake valves?


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Answering for better accuracy since early Hyundai GDI engines DO have build-up issues in the GDI system that need to be addressed from time to time :-(. It's not something you need to do a LOT, but when you have issues it may be needed.

The problem with the GDI engines is you can't clean these out with a full tank of gas and a 30-minute Italian tune-up; the system doesn't benefit from that these days. Even worse is when it gets bad enough you sometimes need to sandblast the heads with walnut shells... Not cheap. The way to clean these is you need to find the vacuum line that goes to the engine, pull it, and then install an adapter on the line that can accept a fuel injector cleaner; once you do that you need to spray cleaner into the engine and that cleans the dirt out of the engine. Refer to this video for a general location. For the most part, the location will be similar on most Hyundai/Kia engines.

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