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A 1.9 GHz DECT 6.0 multiple channel handset capable cordless phone, VTech CS6719-2.

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Couple of buttons don't work

A couple of buttons stopped working. I’ve taken it apart but i don’t see where on the PCB that there might be damage.

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Don’t know your phone but do the buttons press directly onto the pcb circuit?

If they do and if the buttons that don’t work anymore are the “popular” call and end buttons or a popular digit button then perhaps the conductive coating has been worn off the underside of the button or perhaps the pcb area where the button makes contact and bridges the tracks on the pcb is dirty and need to be cleaned.

Try gently cleaning the pcb “button” area with Isoproply Alcohol 90%+ and see if that improves the contact surface. If you don’t have any IPA then try it using a clean pencil eraser. Be gentle when trying this as you don’t want to damage the tracks.

It may be prudent NOT to clean the contact surface on the underside of the button as you may wear off more of the conductive coating.

You could try thinly smearing the underside of the button’s contact surface with conductive glue and see if that works. Allow the glue to fully set before attempting to try it.

I’ve had mixed success using this method. I’m not sure why the glue holds to some surfaces and not to others, perhaps it is the type of rubber or plastic that is used for the button. Up until now I’ve had about a 60% success rate, 3 remote controls out of 5 are still working, months after the repair ;-)

If the above does not describe the buttons in the phone, post some pictures back here and hopefully someone might have a more relevant answer. Here’s how to do this. Adding images to an existing question

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