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1.83 GHz Core Duo or 1.83, 2, or 2.16 GHz Core 2 Duo A1208 (EMC 2104/2110/2114/2124)

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Can I update to a usable os

I want to make my old iMac usable again and was wondering if there is anything I can do to make it run high Sierra

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Please let us know you exact machine so we can tell you its maximum operating system. The info is on the bottom of the stand.


Late 2006 intel iMac 17”


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The best MacOS your system will run is Snow Leopard OS-X10.6.x

Your system is quite limited as it can only support a max of 2 GB of RAM.

You really can’t run Windows on it as Apple never offered the needed drivers for this series to run it natively. And Running Windows under BootCamp with Snow Leopard is quite slow as your HDD will be over taxed for the lack of RAM.

You might want to look at one of the Linux distro’s as being a better bet.

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No chance you’re getting High Sierra on a 2006 iMac. Your best bet for a modern operating system is probably going to be Windows with Bootcamp.

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So will windows run good enough to still use it for surfing?


This is a simply terrible answer. Recommending running Windozs in emulation mode with 2GB of RAM is just not a viable solution.


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