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The Epson Artisan 1430 is a color inkjet photo printer.

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My printer is not recognizing the OEM cartrigdes

My Epson 1430W is making a werid problem. I had a failure with my printhead and motherboard, I replaced both. The problem was that it was not recognizing the cartridges. But after the replace of those parts is still giving me the failure.

It recognizes when I put 1 by 1 of the cartridges, but on the 6th it gives me the error. I checked the fuse F1 and its good. The board and the printhead are brand new

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It does not allow me to do the update, it sends me an error. Any thoughts?


If you can post the error message it will be helpful. On printer display or computer etc.


I am having the same problem . I have exhausted everything I know. looking for any ideals


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I fixed my non-functional Epson printer with this procedure….

This may or may not correct the problem you are seeing.

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Did not help me still same problem


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there is a fuse on the main board fuse no.2 it is broken replace it and the issue will be solved.

it is caused by incorrect manual head cleaning.

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