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I broke my logic board

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Block Image


i bought a bent iPhone 6 off eBay. I completely disassembled it to un-bend it. I fixed the bend but when I was putting the logic board back in I realised that the top part of it was stuck over a piece of plastic, which had bent it. I removed it again and tried to bend it back but it snapped off. Could somebody tell me if the logic board will still work?

i have attached pictures to show the damage

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there's no picture..


Sorry they’re there now


should be fine.. I don't think that tiny part has a great significance apart from securing to the housing. I'd try installing it again, it's the only way to find out!


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As @pollytintop suggests, the best way to find out is to install it. However, I have looked at the circuit board with ZXW Tools and the only copper trace that runs in that area is for a Test Point. So you should have no issues running the phone properly despite this issue.

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