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The sixth-generation Elantra was introduced in 2015 in South Korea and released for sale in the North American market in 2016 for the 2017 model year. The 2015-2020 Elantra has been sold in SE, Limited Edition, Ultimate Edition, Sport, and Value Edition trim levels.

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How To Fix radio its auto switching on and off 2015 Hyundai elantra

My Hyundai elantra 2015 radio getting problem since month. the radio auto switching on and off while driving. any one can help to solve this issue

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Hi @rocketrentacar ,

Does it do this when the car is stationary or only when it is moving or either way?


only when car is moving while driving

also volume goes loud auto


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Hi @rocketrentacar ,

Only going on and off when driving could indicate a loose power connection to the radio somewhere.

It could be in the fuse box, the connector to the radio or even in the radio itself.

It may be very involved tracking it down.

Here's a link to a video showing the removal of the radio in a 2017 Elantra (apologies I couldn't find one for your year model, hopefully this is close enough to be of some help).

After checking that the radio fuse in the fuse block is securely inserted you may have to remove the radio and locate the power wire on the harness connector and then use a Voltmeter to check if the voltage remains constant when the car is moving.

If it does then the problem is in the radio.

If it comes and goes then it is back from the radio to the fuse block.

Here’s a link for the radio wiring connections for a 2014 Elantra which hopefully will be of some help. (again apologies, there’s not much available that I could find for 2015 models).

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Thank you so much for help


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We have a 2017 Hyundai Elantra. The radio began turning off and restarting on it’s own for no reason. Since the vehicle was still under warranty, we took it to the Hyundai dealer. They ordered and replaced the radio. Less than a week later, the new radio began doing the same thing. We took the car back to the dealer. By touching a button on the screen, they turned off the “HD” feature on the radio. The radio hasn’t turned off and restarted since they “HD” is been off.

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@pcy how did they turn the HD off?


@pcy as in what button did they push haha


@percephone there is a HD Radio button on the bottom of the touch screen in the radio screen. Should show 3 options. "BAND", "HD Radio", and "Scan"


@annaritamessina what should I do if the radio won’t even fully power on before shutdown again?


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