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Kenmore Elite Refrigerator not getting cold enough

I have a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator (795.72489.410) that is not getting cold enough. Fridge compartments are set to 37 but will range from 45-50 with humidity around 80. Freezer is set to 0 and will generally hang around 14 but I’ve seen as high as 30 (perhaps a defrost cycle?). I used a temperature logger to gather this data.

I’ve confirmed the compressor evaporator fan and the condenser fans are running. The compressor turns on but never turns off (I assume because it doesn’t get to temperature. The compressor is an LG FLB075LANA and is less than 5 years old. The Condenser coils were cleaned about 2 months ago, before this issue started. I’ve cleaned them again just to make sure.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this. I assume the issue is either the compressor or refrigerant leak but I’m looking for feedback on what the my best route is to take.

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Hi @arnbrhm ,

As you say it may be a problem somewhere in the sealed system, which also includes the compressor.

According to the user manual(scroll to p.3), there is a 5 year parts only warranty on the sealed system and a 10 year parts only warranty on the linear compressor.

I would go down the warranty route, especially if it is the compressor. Don’t know if this is relevant to LG compressors in Kenmore refrigerators, but it makes you wonder.

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I saw the class action lawsuit (which was dismissed). I didn't get a chance to dig into it enough to see if my compressor was included in the lawsuit. I've thought about going the warranty route. Unfortunately I will still need to pay for labor. I plan on calling around today and see who I can get to come out.


Hi @arnbrhm ,

Admittedly you'll have to pay for labour, but if the problem is in either the sealed section or the compressor you're still better off than if the warranty period was no longer valid.

You may have to use an authorized repairer so as to not invalidate the warranty. Just a thought.


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