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Apple's third-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 22, 2017.

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Does a LTE display work on a GPS only watch?

I there!

Will a Series 3 LTE display work on a GPS only watch? I’am asking because the price difference is 150 Yuan (the LTE variant is much cheaper…).

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What model of watch are you putting the display on? Gonna compare the teardowns.


I looked at it myself, it seems the little gold antenna connector will not connect properly...


@BioMajuss are you sure that's the only issue?

If yes, you could easily work around by some manual wiring?


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There are some discussions on this but as I recall you cannot use different screens or there will be degraded operation.

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I just tried putting a display of an AW3 GPS onto an AW3 LTE.

I even tried moving the original NFC module of the LTE version onto the GPS’s display and ended up with pairing issues.

Was able to solve the pairing issues by using the display + NFC module from GPS version but had to sacrifice support for Apple Pay.

There is already a discussion about this topic here: Why won’t my watch pair after screen replacement?

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