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The current line of iPod nanos comprises seven different generations.

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ipod nano

how do un lock an ipod nano 4gb? i got it stuck on the screen lock and i cant get it off.

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What all have you tried?


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Flip the lock switch back and forth a few times. If that doesn't help, it might be loose inside (the hardware).

Try resetting your iPod by holding down the menu and select buttons for 10 seconds.

Let me know if it helps or not.


If your screen is locked with a combination that you forgot, try this:

According to

"Connect iPod to the primary computer you use it with (the first one iPod synced with), and open iTunes. When you disconnect iPod from the computer, it will no longer be locked.

If you can't unlock iPod using either of these methods, you can restore your iPod to factory settings. Please note that this will erase all data on your iPod. Afterwards, you can add your music and data back to iPod."

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the screen lock not the thing on the top. the i dont now my combination?


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I can't do anything. It was fine until I did the update. Now all I have is the apple logo on screen. Won't turn off. Will do nothing. My nano was fine until update

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repair your ipod

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