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Model A1311 / Mid 2010 / 3.06 & 3.2 GHz Core i3 or 3.6 GHz Core i5 Processor

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Expert advice on using 2009 lcd on mid 2010 logic board

Hi!! I needed to get a new iMac since my 21.5 Late 2009 died on me at the beginning of this year. I looked everywhere and then thought how about upgrading it. Looking for options I stumbled upon a modification here on ifixit by member Alfredo Morales Can a 2009 core 2 duo logic board be replaced with a 2010 i3 board? on upgrading a late 2009 21.5 intel logic board to a mid 2010 logic board. I got all parts according to his upgrade, and all went great, only, I can’t seem to make my 2009 lcd to turn on this setup. 2010 board needs different lcd cable which i got as well as the lcd temp sensor, but Im using my 2009 inverter board and V-sync to no avail. I asked him if with his mod he was able to get 2009 LCD working on mid 2010 board. I even got another inverter from 2009 as mine had been dropped and I don’t know a way to actually test it for proper functioning. Now, if inevitably I do need 2010 Lcd and seeing my LCD options on a 2010 models , will a 2011 lcd also work on my 2010 board? Thanks!!

Update (07/09/2019)

Sir, i already checked specs (Thanks) and indeed there was no way for them to be compatible. Top 30 pin connector in the back of both LCDs, the pin numbers were totally changed all around. Here an example from the PDF's you sent me. Pin 7 and Pin 30. 1st pic is 2009 specs and 2nd 2010 board specs. @oldturkey03

Block Image

Block Image

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javanorm for starters let us know the exact model number from the back of your panels. that way we can at least find out if the wiring is the same and what may need some tweaking.


Will do. This is from back in March where I was looking to solve this before geting my parts forcthe upgrade. Hope this helps. Is an attched screenshot with my 2009 panels numbers. Thx!!


One More Clarification. you are using a 2010 board. Can you see the 820-XXXX number on it? If so let us know what that number is.


Ok. Will do and thanks for getting back so soon.


820-2784-A. Was sold to me as an i5 3.6GHz but ended up being an i3 3.2GHz board so far all in working order. Im using it with an external monitor to check on her and the ram I purchased for her @oldturkey03


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javanorm  here is what I got and it does not look good

2009 Panel LM215WF3(SL)(A1)

Datasheet LM215WF3-SLA1_LG-(1).pdf

2010 Panel LM215WF3(SD)(B1)

Datasheet LM215WF3-SDB1-LG.pdf

The panels are not compatible. They are using a different connector (and connections)

Update (07/10/2019)

javanorm looks like the the LM215WF3(SD)(A1) is an 8 bit gray scale (256 levels of gray) signal monitor vs. the (B1) is a 10bit (1024 levels of gray). It also looks like the (B1) uses brighter LED’s. Otherwise all electrical connector and connections are identical. From that I would deduct that they are slightly different in display but identical in connection. LM215WF3(SD)(A1)

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But besides the different connections if there was a way to hack the cables (a distant possibility) would the 2009 lcd communicate with the 2010 inverter board and altered V-sync cable? Your search then answers that Alfredo Morales could not have been able to use his 2009 lcd on the 2010 board. We could never find out, as he never cleared that up.


Check in the datasheet on the connections to the panel. I wouldn't think that modifying the cable only could get this accomplished.


Will do. Again, thank you very much. Now to get that 2010 lcd. Have a great day!!


javanorm, you too Sir and best of luck.


One last question. I found that there are also LM215WF3(SD)(A1) panels. Are these the same as B1? Thx @oldturkey03


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