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Android smartphone with a 5.5" 1080p display. First released in early 2016.

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headphone icon stuck in notification bar

headphone icon stuck on notification bar how to fix

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Do you still get audio OK from phone when using headphones?

If so it may be that an internal contact in the headphone socket is stuck in the operated position. This contact is used to tell the audio controller in the phone to switch the audio away from the phone’s speakers and onto the headphones.

Try inserting the headphones and very gently, stress very gently, wiggle the headphone plug from side to side, up and down and also insert and remove the headphones plug a few times to see if this action will release the contact.

Hopefully it will and the audio icon will be gone when the headphones are unplugged from the socket and the audio is back on the phone’s speakers.

If not then the phone will have to be opened and the socket replaced as it cannot be repaired.

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