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The Kenmore Elite HE3 is 7.2 cu. ft. capacity electric dryer by Kenmore.

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Dryer shuts off display CLL SVC

Have a kenmore elite dryer, front loading, steam not hooked up.

Dryer suddenly will trip a call service error, if I run an express dry (18 mins) it will heat up fine but shut off in the last 3 mins when it tries to switch to ‘cool down’

Clothes are warm, so the dryer appears to be getting heat.

Checked the vent at the back and there is no build up of lint or anything …

Update (07/26/2019)

Block Image

here is a pic of the sticker inside the door

grrr i can only upload an image if its an answer?

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It cuts off on all cycles.

I’m going to run it now with the back vent off, the model number is 970L8110A0


Hi mike.downs,

FYI Adding images to an existing question



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Does it cut off on all the cycles or just the express?

Try leaving the vent hose off the dryer and see if it still cuts off. If this is a gas dryer, you must open a window or door to operate it with the vent off.

If it runs fine without the vent, then you have a restriction somewhere in the vent hose or the vent in the wall going to the outside.

If this doesn’t help, we will need the model number off the dryer.

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So yes, unplugged the exhaust and ran a load.

Still shut off same place, switching from heat to cool.


any other ideas?


Mike, correct me if I’m wrong. Are you saying that it runs and heats fine on every cycle until it gets to the cool down? At the cool down on every cycle it stops running and gives you an error code to call service?


Mike Downs, I’m not finding anything for that model number. It’s located on a sticker around the opening of the door.


Oh I didn't see these responses, sorry ... I'll check the model number but that came off the sticker ...taking off a photo i took

sears canada inc

Model number 970L81100A0

Serial # 4D14803224

I've been using it by using express dry

i set a timer for 12 mins and go back before it gets to cool down

will take 3 or 4 12 min increments to complete a load .

is there a way to uplaod a pic i can give you the pic of the serial number


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