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Released September 16, 2016. Models A1661, A1784, and A1785. Available in 32, 128, or 256 GB configurations in Rose gold, gold, silver, black, jet black, and (Product)Red.

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Opinions What do you guys think of extended capacity batteries

Here are the specs:

Brand new XCAP - Extended Capacity Battery for iPhone 7 Plus.

This item often fixes the following problems

  • Battery charge dies quickly
  • Battery will not charge

XCAP Batteries use the latest technological breakthroughs in cell chemistry to provide you with consistently more capacity then the original design, giving unparalleled performance for your device and it is verified by COMMBATT.

  • Premium Protection Boards
  • TI Gas Gauge IC Chipset
  • Extended Capacity for your iPhone
  • Over Current / Discharge Protection
  • UN 38.3, CE, RoHS, FCC Certifications
  • Double Capacity Verification
  • With New Easy Release Adhesive
  • 3300 mAh

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@g_tech not sure if you are even still following this. I originally had the suspicion that this battery was/is a scam like so many before them. I decided to test the battery in question under similar conditions as I did with the “Gold” high capacity batteries. Those were definitely a scam! This time it’s a bit different. First off we are dealing with a known well reputable company like Injured Gadgets. Like our discussions in comments etc. show there are no prejudices and the objective was to run a true test of the batteries. This is done in an honest, ethical and objective way. All batteries have been tested in the same manner with identical equipment. A guide is of course forthcoming but it’ll have to wait a few days.

For this test I soldered a 7P battery connector to a spare prototype board and connected some wires to the positive and negative terminal. The batteries were all charged using a “Fast Charging Activation Test Fixture” by Jageud. For the test itself I used an EBD-M03 tester made by ZKETech.

Test parameter for this constant current discharge test was set at 500mA and cutoff voltage was set at 2.9Volts (this value was picked since I found that the voltage should be somewhere between 2.9 and 2.6Volts). Here are the graphic representations of the results

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

So, what does this all mean? Really, all it shows is that none of the batteries are duds. They are all reliable and lasting batteries. As for the rest, I let you be the judge of it. Price, service and warranty would be important to me to make a purchasing decision.

This is not to endorse or condemn any seller. I am currently waiting on different battery analyzers and software to repeat this test and I will continue to keep you informed.

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I'm surprised so far. It doesn't look like a huge difference but it's there this time around.

It just took a few years before it stopped being a lie 100% of the time I guess.


@oldturkey03 good to see your results.

What voltage did you charge the batteries to?

Worth mentioning, there is a considerable amount of capacity between 4.2 and 4.35v final charge.


@microsoldering Starting voltage on all batteries was correction 4.1V (not 4.2V) . With my new analyzers etc. I am going to repeat the complete test and will make it a point to charge the batteries to 4.35V


The software you are using is the same one I should show you the actual capacity of the batteries. While that "absolute" number may not be the same as the number on the battery, it should be within ~3% either way. With the capacity number in hand, you should be able to determine if the XCAP are indeed whatever % better than they claim to be.


@refectio you are of course correct. for this I just wanted to get the times the battery lasts first. I will publish the listed mAh in a longer report. I can tell you that the mAh on all batteries is way below the listed value


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With all due respect to @oldturkey03 , @nick and @bobcat1981, I would not categorize this as a scam. Injured Gadgets is one of the most reputable suppliers out there and they, along with MobileSentrix, have recently introduced a new line of batteries. At 3300mAh, this battery claims about 13% more capacity than a standard, Apple-original, which is certainly in the realm of possibility given constant updates in Li-Ion technology.

Full Disclosure: I have not tried these new XCAP batteries. At the very least, they could be playing around with spec-speak because no one knows how Apple or Injured Gadgets tests their respective batteries. Apple could be conservative and IG a bit optimistic and that’s all it would take. We are not back in the days when unscrupulous suppliers would claim 40-50% increases just because they added a gold sticker.

The only way to know for sure is to actually test them under identical conditions on a constant-power meter setup. I have a constant-current setup (Correct Battery Operating Voltage (Leak?))) which I use to test batteries I receive. While not as good for truly replicating a contant-power device like the iPhone, it serves as a very good proxy. In my experience, I have seen battery capacity fluctuate by up to +/-15% of the stated nominal capacity for identical batteries from multiple vendors.

But regardless of the result, when a reputable supplier, who has been pushing Chinese suppliers to create and provide better quality replacement parts claims a 13% increase, I wouldn’t call it a scam and it may very well be true.

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They've been no better than the original battery at best for so long I no longer trust anyone who claims to have a "high capacity" battery for an iPhone. I can believe it somewhat on a laptop, but an iPhone? I have doubts.

There's a chance they aren't as scammy as they have historically been, but I'm not holding my breath.



So I take it you have ordered tons of iPhone batteries from high quality suppliers like Injured Gadgets, Mobile Sentrix, iFixit to know this with such authority and certainty...

Don't throw these vendors into the same boat with scammy and unscrupulous sellers on eBay and Amazon. Do your research before slamming a vendor. You are not helping anyone by making these types of claims based on your gut feel alone.


@refectio I didn't name any vendors in this case - I just said I'm wary of the high capacity label because of the past. eBay and Amazon "high capacity" batteries are infamous enough I wouldn't trust any of them.

It's possible that genuine ones finally exist, but the past and the many questionable ones make it hard to trust the claim when it is made.


@nick I agree, but we aren't talking about eBay sellers here but a reputable vendor. Lumping the two together and making a generalized statement doesn't help anyone.

If the OP had said "this seller claims super duper performance for half the price", I would be at the head of the train to state caveat emptor. But this is not what's being discussed. We have a premium vendor selling a premium battery at a premium price.


@refectio I'm more than willing to give a reputable vendor a chance as well and I've updated my thoughts to match.

It's not impossible, but historically they've been branded in a bad light by eBay and Amazon sellers that are at best, questionable. When you've seen it so many times, it becomes hard to give that class of battery a second chance.


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Hey guys, I am the CEO of

As a note I tried to reply 5 times, but for some reason my reply keeps getting deleted. So I will reply with no links.

First of all, I want to say thank you sincerely for questioning the product. You should. As before this, every single extended capacity battery on the market was just that, marketing fluff. They were not real and just overpriced scams.

I am going to try to answer every single question in here.


I assure you we actually under rate our batteries. They exceed 3300 mAh.

Please test them with any hardware battery tester, or coconut batter, 3u tools, whatever you want. Do real drainage test. They're extended cap.

We even made a video of our 6s battery compared to an OEM via drainage run time.

Check it out on YouTube,

Type Injured Gadgets XCAP


I emplore you to use a Kaisi tester as was shown in the iFixit article of high capacity batteries. Please note, that article is very old.

It also shows a iPhone 5 battery with 2680 mAh, which is impossible. We were able to get our 5 series to 1800 mAh which is a near 25%+ increase over the oem capacity.


Actually..... The first photo is a client image of our 6s Plus installed.

Block Image

This second image is on a 6s that I was testing in house.

Block Image


Thank you.

We have been working on these batteries for nearly 6 months. We literally have gone from working with not just the battery factory but also the cell factory to produce these.

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Shane, fair enough and I deleted my comment. Just an eternal skeptic when it comes to promises regarding "high Capacity Batteries". I'll be going to order one of your batteries, one from iFixit as well as a "run-of-the mill" battery (ebay etc.)and am willing to rewrite the article (which was written by me anyway and I did not realize that a little over 2 years was "very old" :-). Shane, could you tell me who or what "COMMBATT" is, since I can't seem to find any information on that. Thank you for responding and clarifying about those batteries.


@oldturkey03 I had the same concerns, which is why I reacted how I did before revising my answer on them.

When they've been nothing but lies for a few years, it's hard to change without being reluctant to do so.



CommBatt was created by Ben Duffy the owner of AOne Mobiles in Australia.

They have created some incredible articles on batteries, and have had well known and respected names in the industry contribute to their articles and testing methodology.

You can visit their website here



That would be incredible if you created a new article. I would be more than willing to send you samples of whatever battery model you would like as well.


Shane batteries ordered from 3 sources. Injured Gadgets, iFixit and a seller on ebay. Going to prepare my battery connector board and I will post my results as soon as they are available. We agree on 3300 mAh (+/-100?) If you are right I buy you a drink and if I am right you buy me one :-) Fair is fair......


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They tend to be a scam at best most of the time, and at best aren’t stronger then the original. The bad ones always seem to have a lower capacity then the original as well.

However, this only applies to the infamous eBay/Amazon batteries that are no larger or heavier - which would be the only way to make a genuine high capacity.

Unless you buy it through a legitimate vendor, they’re overpriced standard capacity batteries. Almost all of the ones on eBay and Amazon are about as fake as you think they are.

The myth of the "high capacity" batteries

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My Iphones 5 and 6 had extended bateries and lasted a couple hours longer. I may be biased as my Iphone 5 was using an Iphone 4 batery before the change and the Iphone 6 had a super bad batery.


I realized I am most certainly biased.


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A load of bull, seen these a few times and when checked on 3utool they have standard mAh as normal batterys.

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I just replaced the battery in my iPhone 6s Plus with a Loctus High Capacity Battery and I notice the difference in everyday use as well as in 3uTools.

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