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This guide will enable you to be able to repair any issue with your PowerBeats3 Wireless Earphones

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Microphone stopped working and I can't be heard on calls

Is there a way of opening the microphone part and cleaning it or replacing it? Thank you

Or could it be a software issue/setting with my iphone, will run futher checks tonight.

Thank you

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Hey, the microphone is still bad I tried recording some sound with it a few weeks back and it wasn't picking up anything, even if I shouted right next to it. Interestingly the only sound it picked up was a clicking sound from me pressing the buttons. The microphone hole seems clean though and I can see a red background.

I have been charging it with a cable that didn't sit flush and protruded slightly for about 2 years so this might have cause the battery anomaly that @schwarzer mentioned. I have recently realized my kindle cable fits better, but this has not resolved the problem.

Now I'm contemplating whether to buy a new pair or whether to try my luck at acquiring a battery and performing the ifixit tutorial @schwarzer shared. Only issue is sourcing a heat gun + soldering iron.

Any thoughts? Thanks a bunch, sorry for the mind dump. I am the Chidi (The Good Place TvShow) of indecisiveness!


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Hi Gualtiero !

It may be a battery failure.

I suggest you to follow the following tutorial: PowerBeats3 Wireless Headphones by Dr. Dre Battery Replacement

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Hey @schwarzer What do you mean by battery failure?

The headphones work perfectly fine, it's just the microphone that doesn't pick up sound properly.


Hi @gualtierou !

The sound problem could be due to a battery anomaly perhaps.


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I had the same issue. The microphone was only picking sound when knocking on the case. I dismounted the mic housing (the controls on the cable) and realized that the original glue turned into some ugly greasy gel-like thing that stuck the mic. After cleaning it, I glued it together (with the B-7000 glue) and everything works like a charm.

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