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Stripes on the screen, that dissapear sometimes.

There are mostly white but other coloured stripes as well on the screen, that come and go based on what's displayed.

The phone hasn't taken any major damage recently nor suffered a serious fall. The stripes appeard out of nowhere and I don't think the LCD is faulty/damaged.

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P.S. It's my friends phone, that I'm trying to fix, not mine. I'm not a k-pop fan.

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Certainly looks like a faulty/damaged LCD. Try a replacement screen to see if that solves your issue.

The repair is easy enough to attempt yourself, just follow this guide: iPhone 6 Ön Panel Düzeneği Değişimi

The iFixit screen is around £60, so it is also going to be cheaper than replacing the device.

All tools and parts you’ll need are listed on the repair guide too.

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I know replacing the screen is an easy solution, but if the stripes go away while viewing homescreen folders for example, doesn't that mean the LCD shouldn't be damaged?


@Eduard Leibur There could possibly be a problem with the cable itself, especially if it is an aftermarket screen. If the LCD connector is too long/not connected correctly, then it could have problems similar to what you are facing now.

If it has taken any hard knocks recently, then power it off, disconnect the screen, reattach it, then give it a test.


So the best solution is to take the screen apart and test the connector. If I'm already buying the tools to dissassemble the phone, it would probably be smart to go ahead and replace the screen enteirly.


@Eduard Leibur If you haven't tried a hard reset then that is certainly what I would look at doing.

If you do do it that way around, then you get the bonus of having a nice, new screen. However if it does end up being a connection related issue, you would potentially have a spare screen just sitting there.


She's tried hard resetting the phone already and it didn't help with the problem. I'll probably get some tools and maybe a replacement screen to try and fix the problem from the inside. Thanks for all your help, I know threads like this already exist, but I was hoping since the stripes consistently dissaper it could just be a software issue. Guess not :(


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