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Apple's third-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 22, 2017.

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Should I change the force touch sensor?

While opening my watch and removing the broken display screen, an edge of the force touch sensor was lifted and isn‘t sticking to the case anymore. The part is working and not damaged but as said, the edge is not sticking to the case. I don‘t know if the new display might sit loose on this edge.

Would you recommend replacing it as well?

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Thanks, that made it clear. Will replace it and in addition replace the bat to have a new one inside


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The problem you face is either a leak if the watch gets wet or the display may pop off, besides the touch may not be properly registered as well.

Remember the Force Touch is also the mounting point for the display which is why it needs to be on fully.

Here’s the guide with the needed parts listed out Apple Watch Series 3 Force Touch Gasket Replacement

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Apple Watch - Series 3

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