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so my dryer runs fine on cold or delicate but it stops on heat

Hello. My dryer stops on mid cycle after 5 minutes or so. At first I thought it was the motor but then I run it on “air dry” only and it did the full 40 minutes until it finished the cycle. Then I run it on “Delicate/Low” and again, it worked the entire cycle!

The problem was when I selected medium-High. It turned off again before it’s cycle finished.

I discarded the possibility about a bad motor and I’m about to order a sensor kit for it, but I highly suspect is the thermal sensor.

Any thoughts?

Thank you in advance for any help.

UPDATE: It is a Kenmore model :110.65922401. I've been trying to reply but the stupid website keeps blocking my comment because it says is spam. This is the fifth try.

Please do let me know what kind of part is it. And if you sell it, how much would it cost.

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You really need to fix your spam detection robot algorithm.


Well I finally got to post.


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This is most likely an issue with the temperature switch. Please give us you exact model number so we can get get to the correct part.

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Can I reply now?


Isaias, of course.


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Hi @isaiastapia ,

Here’s a link to the parts for your model dryer.

Here’s a link to the cycle select switch - part #33 for your dryer. Click on the Top and Console parts diagram.

If the switch tests OK then perhaps you should also test if the thermal fuse is OK.

Not sure in your model but for some dryers if this fuse is faulty the motor won’t start but in others the motor will run but the heater won’t work.

Click on the Bulkhead Parts diagram on the left side of the page and then find part #59 to view the location of the part.

If the fuse is faulty it will have to be replaced because it is a thermal fuse not just an ordinary fuse

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