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Bernina 830e service manual (electronic/embroidery/sewing machine)

I need help finding a Bernina 830e service manual. (This is for the electronic/embroidery/sewing machine, not the manual for the 830/831 record that is already listed on this site.) I live waaaaay too far away to get to a dealer for repairs, updates, etc. ''No, my problems/answers are neither found on the Bernina web site nor in the Instruction manual. I have the 250+ page Instruction manual; I need the Service/Repair Manual. Will pay for the correct manual.''

Sorry to scream (above). :-) Just want to save everyone’s time in helping me find the corect manual. For some reason, Bernina has 2 models named 830, which makes it easy to find the incorrect manual. Thanks.

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If you email Bernina directly and ask them they may be able to help. don’t appear to have service manuals for the 830 range which is unfortunate. I would suggest contacting them however, as they are probably your best shot:

I do have a copy of the “Adjustment Manual” which I think applies to all the variants of the 830 model. It may be what you are after, I’m not sure.


I hope this helps :)

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One hundred thank you’s!!!!!!!

It is the most helpful thing I’ve seen since I bought the ill behaved 830 12 years ago. You’re great!!!


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