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please identify resistor on the powerboard

Machine could not be switched on. Replaced the logic board battery, reset the PMU, did all the other tricks recommended on this site. Took the machine to pieces, got to the power board, removed the obviously faulty resistor. Having trouble identifying it since the colour bands are hard to make out, could be a browny green or a greeny brown. It could be 12 Ohms or a smaller number. Does anyone on here know the likely value of this resistor?

ETA: the colours are clear in daylight, not sure which sequence is correct though

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image



Bu soruyu yanıtla Ben de bu sorunu yaşıyorum

Bu iyi bir soru mu?

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A picture would be useful as there are a few resistors and capacitors on the power board Adding images to an existing question


@Folake Shoga - Really need to know where on the board it came from.


Thanks guys. I’ll post again after we’ve tried the fix


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Folake Shoga  that looks like a 1K ohm resistor

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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