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The Dell Latitude 7350 hybrid laptop (model number: Latitude 7350) is a 2-in-1 device that functions as both a laptop and tablet. Released in 2015, the Latitude 7350 is no longer being produced. You can find repair guides and device information here.

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Both USB ports of Dell Latitude 7350 are not working?

I want to install Win 10 on my Dell Latitude 7350 but there is an issue that it could not be installed. As u know there is no CD/ DVD ROM in this laptop, so there is only one way to install Windows which is through USB. But unfortunately, my laptop is not loading/ picking the windows from USB. I think both USB ports are not working. Please help me that how I can get rid of this issue???

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Check to see if you can charge something through the USB ports, if you can then it’s probably a usb issue or bios won’t boot from it, if they don’t, there might be a blown fuse somewhere

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I think your USB port might be fried, so your gonna need a replacement laptop, or just repair it.

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Hi @zeku_ ,

It could also be a setting in Device Manager that stops the USB port supplying power to the connected USB device.

Here's a link that explains it. Read the Chosen Solution USB port on the right side no longer work


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