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Successor to the Galaxy Note5, released August 19, 2016. The Galaxy Note7 was officially recalled by Samsung in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission on October 13, 2016.

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Can S8+ or Note Fan Edition Battery Replace Note 7 Battery?

Does anybody know if the S8+ battery or the Note Fan Edition battery can serve as a replacement for the Note 7’s original battery?

The iFixIt Teardown articles for the S8+ & Note FE said that their batteries were nearly identical to the Note 7’s. But the articles did say whether those batteries would work for the Note 7. Does anybody know?

I ask because my N7’s original battery is getting a little tired. It is time to replace it.

(And no, my N7 battery never exploded. In fact, its avg battery temp has never exceeded 98 F … and averages 89 F … though I never left it on the hot dashboard of my car on an August afternoon.)

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Yes, it should be possible to replace the Note 7 battery with a Note FE battery (this person did it:

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