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This computer was released by Asus in 2014.

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Can the hard disc be replaced

the hard disc has disappeared from the bios boot menu ASUS say that it could need replacing is this possible and how to do it

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can you post some pics after opening laptop? easy to help you


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According to the specifications for the laptop, it has 32GB eMMC storage.

Along with the RAM and the CPU, this is hard mounted on the motherboard and cannot be replaced. The motherboard has to be replaced.

This is confirmed by the crucial RAM and SSD checker

Is the HDD still being detected by BIOS and that it is just not showing up in the boot menu?

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To change the hard disk you need to open the back of the ASUS laptop and locate the circular disc-like element and replace it.

If the BIOS does not recognize the Hard disk then you may need to check the connection of the hard disc. It may be loose or tampered with by mistake.

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can you tell me were the circular disc is located on the board please


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Emmc memory, I think their is no way to connect a sata drive in this notebook. But their is a change to change the emmc chip into 512 GB max.

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