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Samsung's flagship tablet, released in March 2017. Identified by model number SM-T820.

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Is my LCD flex cable/connector badly damaged?

I dropped my TAB S3 recently and the screen popped out. After having some repairs done on it a bit ago the screen was never in very sturdy. Anyway, it was fine on the ground and the screen still worked. However, while picking it up I accidentally disconnected the ribbon.

As I inspected the area, I noticed a small metal piece was loose on the LCD’s end, near the connector. It was shaped like a staple/square bracket (like this ]). It was made of an unpainted, soft, flexible metal. I’m guessing it came off the ribbon? I’m going to try to get it repaired but I’m trying to figure out what the cost is going to be like.

Is that part off the screen, the ribbon, or… ? Any ideas? It seemed to come from where the ribbon connects to the LCD panel itself if that’s any indication. Thank you for your help!

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@ossory you definitely got a lot going on here. without a couple of pictures there is really not much we can answer. We can guess but that would not be productive. Add some pictures to your QUESTION. Adding images to an existing question

For now it sounds like you will need a display assembly at least if the ribbon connector on the motherboard is undamaged. If it is not, you will need to repair that as well.

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