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Smaller version of the original iPad Pro. Released March 31, 2016. Features a 9.7" display, A9X processor, and 32/128/256 GB storage options. Available in Silver, Space Grey, Gold, and Rose Gold.

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Screen replaced, then essentially not charging, and now?

I got my screen replaced, and it worked well for one night. Then the iPad died, and for some reason it wouldn’t charge, it got as far as 2% on a battery charger, so I’ve been able to tell that the display is working, but when I brought it back, they said it might have been a loose connection or the connector port, and that it’d be done in a couple of days. Now I’ve been told they mailed it out for a new chip to be soldered on when days ago it wasn’t mentioned to me that there was an issue with a chip? I guess I’m just nervous as to if this is a normal occurrence, or if anyone had gotten their screen replaced and had a similar issue? Or maybe someone could walk me through what they think is going on? Just looking for some solace hahaha… thank you in advance for any replies and forgive me if this has already been asked..

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It’s possible the shop accidentally damaged the logic board while repairing your screen. This is always regrettable but if they are taking full responsibility for it, then you can’t really ask for much more. Ask them to explain exactly what happened and if there will be any additional charges for you. If they give a clear explanation, accept responsibility and will cover the costs, give them the time they need to make it right. If they are evasive or are blaming you for the issue, then you may be in for a rough ride.

Be sure to come back and explain what they said to you, we can give you more guidance then.

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Honestly, I’m a little upset with how this has all been handled... it was sent off to be fixed, and now I’m told it wasn’t the a9 chip, that it was some sort of connection that’s malfunctioned and I haven’t heard anything in about a week now, no updates or anything... However I did just talk to them on the phone, and now I’m being told the connector port is what’s malfunctioned(the connector port is blown???) but now it’s apparently going to take a couple of weeks for them to even get the part and he said he would cover the costs but now I fear I’m being tugged around, because they said something similar before (are the charger and connector port different or part of the same anatomy?) ,and it’s already been weeks for something that I was told was supposed to be a relatively simple task...


Hi Ariel, thanks for coming back to update the community. Here are a few observations. No shop should have told you there was an issue with the A9 CPU. That is exceedingly rare and besides, it would not be responsible for the issue you are seeing. Perhaps there was a lapse in communication as the charge state does get "communicated" to the CPU.

Charge Port issues are fairly common in the iPad Air/Air2/5/6 series of devices and there could be a coincidental issue there, kinda like bringing your car in for an oil change and noticing a few days later that the brakes are noisy. They are unrelated but coincidental.

A charge port repair is very straightforward but if the shop you brought the device to doesn't do micro-soldering repairs, then they have to ship it out and they do lose some control over ETA as the micro-soldering shop could have a large backlog of work. I'm not saying this to defend or accuse, it's just a reality of the business I see every day.


I just got confused as they first said it was an issue with a connector port, and then 4 other issues and then those turned out to not be the issue, and now the charger port? I just don’t understand... are those the same? I’m super appreciative of your answering a worrywart though, truly. I do have the iPad Pro 9.7 if that might change your answer one way or another... thank you again, really.. I will try to keep information flowing here as I receive it..


Charge port and connector port are one and the same.


Would that mean I’m getting the run around then?.. because they said the connector port when I first brought it in, and then they told me it was four different and separate issues, but now I’m being told it’s the charger port??? I’m just confused, and I feel as if I might not be getting a straight answer...


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The same thing happened to mine but I replaced the screen myself since I have done multiple iPads Air, iPad 6th gen. The problem has to do with the FPC battery connector.

Block Image

When replacing a screen you usually isolate the battery so that you don’t accidentally damage the backlight or touch functionality when connecting the screen to the board. The problem with the newer iPads is that they are more fragile than the previous ones. They have small connectors and while sliding something under them to isolate the battery it’s easy to bend and break them.

After replacing the screen on mine everything worked perfectly until I tried charging it and it wouldn’t go above 2-3%. I’m waiting for the replacement part to get here today.

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