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My GE Profile refrigerator and freezer keep warming intermittently.

It’s happened 3 times so far. The refrigerator AND freezer both of my GE Profile keeps warming up. I put it on Turbo cool to get it back to the right temperature and it lasts for about a week and than happens all over again. Why is this happening?

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@molocke did you find the solution finally? I'm facing the exact same issue now!




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Hi @molocke ,

What is the model number of the refrigerator?

When you say warming up, how warm do they get?

Does the freezer temp get above 32F or does the temp go higher?

If not does it then start to get colder again after a short while if you didn’t alter any of the settings?

If it doesn’t go higher then this may be just the auto defrost cycle operating.

The defrost cycle occurs once every 8-12 hours so you may just be catching it when it occurs.

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It’s Model # PFCS1PJXB-SS. It’s not just the freezer. It’s both freezer and refrigerator. In past occurrences I was able to set it to Turbo Cool and that would return the temps to running order but it’s not working this time. As of the last time I checked, the freezer was at 50 and the refrigerator is at 45 and climbing. I can hear the fan running so it’s not that.


Hi @molocke ,

Can you hear if it is the evaporator fan that is running and not the condenser fan?

The evaporator fan which is inside the freezer compartment will stop if you open a door and start again when the door is shut (either door). You may have to place an ear on the fridge to hear it.

The condenser fan runs to cool the compressor and the condenser coils, is on the outside of the compartments underneath, and if it is running will not stop when a door is opened.


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Hi @dmacune ,

When the temps are 55F/55F is the compressor running?

If not maybe the start relay, part #735 machine compartment or the run capacitor, part #729 machine compartment is faulty.

If there is a clicking sound when it tries to start most likely it is the relay. If it starts and then stops most likely the capacitor.

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Hello Jayeff,

Thank you very much for responding. We are definitely getting the clicking noise: two clicks 5-10 sec apart, quiet for 1-2 minutes, then repeat two clicks. This goes on for many minutes. I hear a fan running continuously - not sure which one it is. I found a youtube video that also describes this as a relay problem. The part you listed WR08x10097 appears to be replaced by WR08x10112. Unfortunately neither is available for ~2 weeks. I ordered the new part and will check local suppliers to see if anyone has stock.

Thanks again! I will confirm after replacing the part.


I'm having the same problem replaced the relay worked for about a week and has quit cooling again


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Same issue. I can always tell there is an issue on some mornings cause the ice is starting to drip and comes out almost as slush. I have found if I Unplug and reply it runs okay for a few days. This last time it did it, apparently it got real cold in the fridge side cause things had frozen.

I cleaned the back of the fridge and removed all the dust and lint, I thought that was it, but no.

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