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The 1996 model was introduced at the 1995 North American International Auto Show using the Chrysler S platform.

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Start vehicle it runs for a while the shuts down, have to wait for a

I have a 1997 grand caravan it will start but after driving a little while it shuts down I have to wait about a hour before I can start it again

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scooby1846 sounds like a fuel issue. what engine size does your GC have?


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The fuel pump is going out most likely. I owned two of those vehicles and that is a common failure. It requires dropping the tank to replace it so it is a fairly pricey repair and not a job most DIY’ers are advised to tackle. I did one on the first caravan I owned. Remove battery ground strap before attempting tank removal!!! Keeping sparks and hot incandescent lights away from gasoline and fumes cannot be stressed enough!!!! You will likely need a second person to help you lift and position the tank when reinstalling. Link for fairly comprehensive tank removal procedure

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Tengo el mismo problema solo que al checar la chispa de la bobina se pierde, deja de alimentar el sistema de distribución.


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