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HISENSE - Freezer works, but not fridge. Baffle and fan not turning on

I have a Hisense HR6FDFF630S fridge/freezer. 6 years old.

Fridge suddenly stopped working, however freezer works fine.

Have checked:

Coils not frozen over.

Baffle closed and fan not running. When I open the baffle while fridge is off, then connect fridge, the baffle closes.

I’m guessing its the thermostat or temperature control board.

How can I work it out/fix?


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Hi my Hisense Fridge H430BI-WD, is not cooling on top and it makes a weird buzzing beeping noise after a while , what can this be.


My hisense h720fsb-wd fridge does not cool food but freezer I working perfect what could be the problem


Our Hisense 4door has stopped cooling both the refrigerator and the freezer. We have gone through the check list and it still wont cool. The fan doesnt seem to be working. How do we check this?


My hisense h720 fsb - wd fridge does not work but the freezer is working perfectly, what may be the problem


My Hisense double door fridge

suddenly stopped working

The lights come on but no sound of the


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Hi @christolds ,

I don’t know your fridge but was wondering if the door switch is faulty .

I’m not sure if this is the correct part. I take it to mean that it is a reed magnet switch. It is shown as part #107 - p.11 on the parts diagram. I may be wrong about this but couldn’t find any mention of a door switch in the parts list

The evaporator fan will stop when the door is opened so as to prevent any cold air being blown out of the refrigerator compartment.

If it is the door switch (or you know where it is located and it is a magnetic reed switch) if you hold a magnet next to it the fridge light should go out if the door is open and the evap fan should start up. If they don’t then the switch is faulty.

The other way to test the switch if you haven’t got a magnet or don’t know the location of the switch, if it is not what I thought it was, is to set up your mobile phone to record video and stick it in the fridge, pointing it at the fridge light and then close the door. If it shows that the light stays on when the door is closed the switch is faulty and the evaporator fan will not run.

The freezer will stay cold because that’s where the evaporator unit is located.

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I put the phone camera inside the fridge and the light immediately went out when the door was closed.

I has two magnets(one for each door) which detect the door being open/closed. It beeps 3 times every minute if the door is presumed open.

I found 2 thermistors. One in the fridge section and one outside the fridge. They both appear to be working fine (ran a voltage meter through them). I can only find a main control board (no dedicated temperature control board). I can find only one wire running from a thermistor to a connection on the board labelled, "Sensor". It has 6 wires attached to the harness. There are 2 yellow wires that connect to the internal thermistor inside the fridge section, however I can only see one yellow wire at the harness. So I can't test the cable running from the thermistor to the board.

The board looks fine too. Nothing visibly blown.


@christolds ,

I'm wondering if the thermistor is connected to earth and that is why only one wire appears at the board i.e. earth -yellow wire - thermistor - yellow wire - control board.

When the thermistor resistance changes with temperature the "earth" resistance on the sensor lead measured by the control board will change.

Use an Ohmmeter to test for continuity between one of the yellow wires to earth (bare metal of fridge) and also between the other yellow wire back to the control board.

As they are both yellow you may have to try each one both ways-i.e. from earth to one yellow wire and if no good try the other yellow wire and the same with the other yellow wire. Hopefully it is wired like this


It appears you are correct with the earth. However thermistor appears to be working fine.

The fan and damper seem to be working fine. I don't know if I mentioned that the damper closes if I leave it open after switching the fridge off then back on again.


Hi @christolds ,

Did you check that the sensor wire has continuity back to the control board? Not sure if this is what you meant when you said that "....thermistor appears to be working fine."

The thermistor may be OK but is it the correct resistance?

Can you try slowly warming the thermistor (hair dryer?) to see if its' resistance changes at all when measured to earth? Apologies if you have verified that it does change and not that it just has continuity.

You say that the damper closes after you switch off/on the fridge after you have opened the damper.

To me this indicates that something is telling the control board that the fridge is cold enough close the damper to stop more cold air entering.

That made me wonder a) is the thermistor giving the correct reading for the temperature or b) is the control board faulty and not registering the reading correctly.

Has the thermistor got any information written on it that maybe will help you find the datasheet so you will know what the resistance should be at a certain temperature.

If not perhaps you could contact the supplier in the parts list link above and ask them if they know the resistance value of the temperature sensor for the refrigerator section



So I've replaced the thermistor and control board, however its still not cooling. The damper still isn't opening and the fan isn't running. I bought a temperature fuse as well, however I can't find where it is to replace it. The tech manual is in chinese.


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Here are the nine causes for this behavior, hopefully you can narrow it down:

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my hisense fridge dont have fan. why?


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