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Furby was a popular electronic robotic toy resembling a hamster/owl-like creature which went through a period of being a "must-have" toy following its launch in the holiday season of 1998, with continual sales until 2000. Furbies sold 1.8 million units in 1998, 14 million units in 1999, and altogether in its three years of original production, Furbies sold over 40 million units.

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Any reason why this is happening to my furby? if I can be fixed?

I got my 1999 furby from someone over ebay who said it worked perfectly fine. I put in new batteries to test that theory and it started moving everything on its body rapidly and didn’t stop until i took the batteries back out. I would have tried to find a solution then but after a minute it started smelling like it was overheating. I didnt want my furby to catch fire after all. The furby also wasnt speaking but his insides made a lot of noise. Any idea what it could be?

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Hello! I have a problem where either bought a limited edition spring furby from a thrift store.. It also has a burnt wire like smell. But don't do anything else. Do you know anything


Hi, this also happened to me. The way to fix this is pushing the reset button or putting new batteries. That's what seemed to work for this problem.


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Contact the seller and get your money back as obviously there is a problem with the Furby.

If the seller won't cooperate contact Ebay about the problem

A burning smell means that there is an electrical problem which is causing excess current to flow from the batteries through the circuits, which in turn creates heat.

To find the problem the Furby would have to be opened and the circuits inspected to try to determine the cause of the problem

Don’t support dodgy sellers by just accepting a faulty product and trying to fix it, get a refund

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I also agree with what Jayeff stated, but I would like to add that the overheating is probably from the small speaker. This makes sense because the furby is trying to talk, but the speaker is burned out. If you want to fix it, you could try to get a replacement speaker from a 1998/1999 donor furby. As for his movements being rapid, it could be the sync screw out of adjustment, and needs to be tightened. Sometimes the seller sees a furby power on and automatically assumes it works fine, when it doesn’t.

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