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Why has my Morphy Richards soup makers motor stopped working?

I'm not one for discarding items but after 9 months this product stopped blending. However, I'm sure it still manages to heat the temperature .

Model Number: 501015

Serial Number: 15018445

I have held on to this product in the hope I can fix it + bring it back to life. The signal is working when I plug it in at the mains. It appears the motor just won't operate as it should. I've looked inside the lid but it seems impossible to get beyond its exterior. Can you suggest if it's worth keeping hold of or not?

Thank you in advance


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Hi @makedomend ,

According to this link, there is a 1 year (possibly 2 year) guarantee on the product.

Follow the directions as to what to do to make a claim for a manufacturer’s guarantee repair or replacement.

That’s what guarantees or warranties are for.

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I tried this a couple of years ago as the product was a gift + came with no receipt. MRs advised me to purchase a new product, which I will not + could not help me further.

Thank you anyhow



@makedomend ,

As best as I can find out there are no spare parts available for the soup maker. So even if you managed to open it and find the cause of the problem, unless it were something as simple as a loose or broken connection you may not be able to repair it anyway.

Perhaps you are right to avoid manufacturers whose products are made this way i.e irreparable due to design and a lack of spare parts - planned obsolescence?

The landfill mountains continue to grow unfortunately as recycling efforts are being overwhelmed


The evidence of product waste I guess. Thank you


I’ve had 2 Morphy Richards soup makers, & both failed after only 2-3 years of occasional use. MR recommends buying a new one as they don't carry out repairs, which I find shocking in this day & age of being ‘greener’. If they could be repaired, it would save a lot of unwanted waste, but I guess its down to profits for the manufacturer being more important, by selling more products.


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Ours failed to spin during cooking program (after we had it about 2~3yrs).

To check if the motor worked at all, switching the appliance to standby, and the spin control set to position “1”, with a bit of wriggling of the canister slightly pitching it to a forward tilt (be very careful), it sprang to life! Slight rocking of the canister around this position would result in interruptions to the motor operation. This confirms that the main problem is the contacts between the canister and the base.

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