Printer top lid won't close

I just bought an Epson ET-2760 EcoTank printer and I opened the lid in order to access the printer ink tanks. I filled the tanks according to the user manual and when was done, the printer cover won’t close and was stuck. I looked at the hinge but it was plastic so I dint want to force the printer cover because it may damage the hinge. Any suggestions other than me turning this to the store tomorrow?

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Same. I didn’t turn off the printer before opening it - maybe that was the problem


I don't have that exact model (mine is the ET-4760). I looked at the documentation for your model and saw nothing different to the ink loading procedures. My model has a detent at the upper limit of the travel of the ink fill cover. It does require a bit of downward pressure to overcome the detent. My advice: place thumbs on top surface of the cover and fingers on the bottom surface and apply firm pressure to swing the cover back down it should comply with reasonable pressure. Holding both sides will ensure the top doesn't slam down when the detent is overcome. Also, I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with the power status. The firmware detects when the ink service door is opened and gives the options for filling on the screen.


Thanks! “Reasonable pressure” did the trick. I just had to apply a little more force than I was originally comfortable with. I think it was just a little stuck.


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