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Repair and troubleshooting guides for air conditioning units used in houses, offices, and cars.

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When I turn on the air conditioning the light in my house goes out.

A few weeks ago I bought an air conditioner, but if I have it on for several hours (8 hours on average), the light in the bulbs (not the sockets) cuts out.

¿What is the problem?

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Is the "lights" fuse blowing (or "lights" circuit breaker tripping) in the house power box?

Was the A/C properly connected to its' own fuse in the power box?

Does the A/C also cut out when the lights cut out?


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Was this a window unit? How many AMPS does it draw? Check the circuit breaker fuse for the rated amount of amperage. Hold the cord and see if it is warm or hot. What else is drawing current on the same circuit?

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