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A general purpose laptop released in 2010 with a 15.6" screen.

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No sound when I plug in my headphones

My Acer has no sound when I plug in my earphones. I just no sound in the earphones. I am running Windows 10. I have looked for device manager can't find it.

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Device Manger is in the Control Panel.

If your computer is not making any sounds, see the Acer Aspire 5253 Has Volume Control Problems problem page for possible causes and solutions.

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Hi @deelo ,

If you have Win 10 installed, right click on the Windows Start button (left side of Taskbar). An options window opens and a link to Device Manager is there.

Also if the audio is OK in the laptop's speakers, then go to Control Panel > Sound > Playback and check that the headphones are shown as an option when they are plugged in.

To get to Control Panel, type Control Panel in the Windows search box (left side of Taskbar) and select the Control Panel app that appears

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Did all this and the computer wont connect or recognize the headphones. Maybe the headphones are too new for the age of the computer?? thanks


@deelo ,

What is the model number of the computer?

Has the computer's headphone socket worked before when using other headsets?


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Is there sound from speakers? If so try a different set of headphones.

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I had sound, but no other headphones. THanks


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