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Repair guides and troubleshooting for the Dell Alienware 17 (sometimes called the Alienware 17 R1). This 17 inch gaming computer was the first of the Alienware 17 laptops, and it was made in 2013.

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Replacement Battery will not keep laptop on

I replaced my battery and after installation and full charge, the laptop will power off once AC power is unplugged. Laptop will not turn on if it is not plugged in.

Most recent BIOS is installed.

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Create a Win 10 battery report and see what it says about the battery.

Did you get an OEM replacement battery or just a generic brand deemed as suitable for the laptop model?

What is the full model number of the laptop?

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I got a generic brand after checking the reviews as I haven't been able to locate an Alienware battery.

The battery report says:

Name: PABAS0241231







The model # of my laptop is: P18E

I have run a diagnosic through the BIOs last night and the battery is 100% charged with a 98% life on it.

I have uninstalled the battery driver and had it reinstall. The computer stayed on battery power for 2 minutes before shutting down immediately. When I plugged it back it and restarted it, the charge is still full but its like it doesn't switch over to the battery power.


@Daniel Estrada ,

Have you done a power refresh, you didn't say?

Turn off the laptop (if it is on) and disconnect the charger.

Disconnect the main battery from the laptop.

Disconnect the cmos battery from the motherboard. (You didn't state the exact model number of your laptop, so hopefully this is the same).

Press and hold the laptop's Power button for 20 seconds.

Reconnect the cmos battery.

Reconnect the main battery.

Connect the charger and turn on the laptop.

When it has booted up and settled down a bit check the charge status of the battery.

If OK switch off the charger and check if the laptop stays on

Have you still got the old battery?

If so and if it is not that bad, what happens when you re-install it?

Just wondering if it may be related to the battery and not the laptop.


I did everything you suggested and nothing worked. I have reinstalled the old battery and it works. Poorly but it works. I have decided the new battery is defective in some manner and have chosen to return it. We can easily replace batteries but sadly not all batteries are good from get go.

Thank you for all your suggestions.


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When batteries are made they're sent to a warehouse until sold. So they're “New" because they haven't been used but they're not charged while waiting to be sold and discharging.

Overall a new battery will fix the issue. My recommendation go to a Battery Store such as Batteries Plus Bulbs. They'll get there batteries fresh each month and maintain them as well as they'll come with warranties. You'll pay more but it's cheaper than a new laptop.

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