How can I best recover data from old Wii SD cards?

I am using my friends old Wii to play RockBand, and all the old SD cards appear to be empty on the Wii (mostly DLC). When I look at them on Ubuntu, they all have FAT16 file systems, and they are all 50% to 90% full. They vary in size from 1GB to 32GB.

Two of the cards are OK, but the other 9 show no files on the Wii. I know there are a great many SD card file recovery tools, but most of them specialize in Picture file recovery.

Do you have experience recovering Wii files from SD cards? If so, please let me know what you know on this subject.

Thank you!

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Dave, when you plugged in the SD cards, were you able to see the contents or just their remaining capacity?


I would recommend Stellar Photo recovery software for Wii SD card which recover yoour pictures, videos, audio files from Wii SD card. I think you can try demo version of the software, if the preview of you data shows in the list It definitely recover you data. Thanks!


Hi Alex and Jason,


On the Wii I was able to see no contents on any of the 10 SD cards.


Jason, I am not willing to risk using a recovery program which looks only for file types it know about when it is not Wii specific.


Looking at the SD cards on Linux, there is an intact file system on some, and a damaged file system on others.


The interface on ddRecover does not support SD cards. I am working on getting around that issue.


Thank you both for your input!




PS - Please read the OP. You both seem to have skipped that.


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