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The Dell Latitude E5270 is part of the Latitude Exx70 laptop series released in 2016. The E5270 Laptop has a 12.5" display and comes with either an i5 or i7 Intel processor.

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My laptop makes continuous beep when safe mood

when power on my laptop it makes 20 beeps sound &laptop is working properly or when power off my laptop then it makes beep with low sound. also when i start the window with safe mood then it make continuous beep…please give a solution for this problem.

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Hi @rascle1 ,

Are you sure that it is 20 beeps and not less with a pause somewhere in the count?

Dell laptop beep error codes only go up to a max of 8 beeps and pause before they start repeating the count e.g. 5 beeps - pause - 5 beeps - pause etc


@jayeff total 20 beeps & (5 beeps pause 5 beeps )


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Hi @rascle1 ,

According to this link a 5 beep error code (the actual beep code is repeated 4 times) is a RTC power fail. The RTC (Real Time Clock) is powered by a non rechargeable coin cell battery sometimes called the CMOS battery. They usually have a lifespan of ~5 years

Here’s the owner manual for the laptop.

Go to p.25 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove/replace the coin cell battery - supplier example only (should be the same for your model. Just search for C8KT2 to find suppliers that suit you).

When you remove the RTC battery the BIOS settings may be reset to default values, so if you has set any user defined settings in BIOS you may have to set them back to what you wanted them to be. If you didn’t touch any BIOS settings it is not a worry.

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