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Repair information for MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display laptops from various years.

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I having an issue no one has been able to fix.

Can anyone help me.

I having an issue no one has been able to fix. I have a 15” MacBook Pro retina (A1398) with the speakers on top next to the keys. it’s a 2nd hand laptop.

I changed the SSD on the inside and I need to install the macOS onto it. I have installed the OS onto it from another laptop using external USB.

I know the SSD works because it boots up just fine when I boot from USB on another laptop but it will not boot on this system probably because it didn’t install from this system it doesnt have the neccessary software/files or whatever to boot.

I can’t get into any recovery option at all and when I boot from USB it just goes 75 maybe 80 percent of the way and the screen goes black but it doesn’t turn off because if I press the caps lock key the light comes on and the light on the USB is still flashing.

Please help if you can. I do not know the OS that was on her before but I can only guess it was Sierra or High Sierra since its a slightly older MacBook.

I hope I have given you enough info.

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Hi , which operating system do use and what is the year of manufacturing , if you can get hold of 10.10 os on usb and boot

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Do you have the option of connecting to another monitor via Thunderbolt or HDMI? That helped me once with a Macbook Pro issue, when the Retina screen went blank but the other monitor showed me what was going on.

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