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Series of HP Pavilion laptops released in 2015. The 15-p is more difficult to service then later 15-x models.

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HP Pavilion 15-p Hard Drive Replacement

Thanks Alot.

I’d like to buy exactly this hard disk but I can’t find it on the internet. I want to change the hard disk board cause I want to safe the datas and I didn’t made any backup. I know… stupid.

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Hi @valentinehiner

What actually happened? do you have a picture to share?

Older drives can be a challenge to find.... even you replace i think you also need to transplant the ROM chip over to the doner board.


You can try HP EG001200JWJNQ ( It's a good replacement of HP Pavilion 15-p hard drive.


Even boards on the same model/version HDD are not always exactly the same. I am going to bet, you just learned a hard lesson of why backup is important.


Hi @Josh Roberts

What I believe he is talking about is replacing thel drive's circuit board. That is why the same model is wanted for data recovery.


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The days of a raw PCB swap died with the mid 2000’s Maxtor DiamondCrash* drives after they were discontinued :-(. You need to transfer the ROM on these newer drives, and make sure your donor is a 100% match. PCB swaps are dead.

*IT slang for DiamondMax before Seagate bought Maxtor. This is like how we call the IBM DeskStar drives "DeathStar" due to their high fail rate, and tendency to eat the magnetic coating on the glass platters.

These "DeathStar" drives are a total De-Ja-Vu today since the Seagate Rosewood drives do the SAME THING, with the SAME CAUSE OF FAILURE.

The main problem isn't the PCB and ROM transfer, though. The issue is the preamp and headstack need to be a match, or at least very, very, very close at the absolute bare minimum. A lot of drives just do not match because they use what is available at the time, and even 2 drives from the same batch may end up being too different. 1 day between IDENTICAL batches is ENOUGH to cause a mismatch in these new drives!!! DO NOT MESS WITH THE DRIVE - SEND IT TO A PROFESSIONAL OR YOU COULD FATALLY RUIN ANY CHANCE YOU HAD! You can't do this one at home.

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You should share the image of the hard drive for a better solution. Anyhow This hard drive should work with your Pavilion 15-p.

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