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Background and identification

HP started using this system chassis in 2015 on Intel and AMD systems. While this chassis is older, HP still uses it on some systems available for sale.

The quickest way to visually identify these systems is a lack of access panels and no obvious way to remove the entire bottom panel as a cover. While this isn't the best way to avoid these systems, it is helpful to identify them in the field. To avoid them, the best way to do this is to check the service manual to see if the computer is assembled top to bottom or bottom to top. This chassis is used on Intel and AMD systems.

Another way to identify this system is to check for a p after the screen size indicator. One example of this machine series is the 15-p263nr. HP uses the model number to determine the specifications of their consumer grade systems.

While it is difficult to identify these in the field if you do not know what to look for, checking the chassis and model number are the best way to avoid systems that use this chassis. However, if you still get stuck with one it can be worked on but it is unnecessarily difficult.

Repair difficulty

The HP Pavilion 15 P series system requires a partial or complete teardown to access basic components.

Memory: Access to the memory requires motherboard removal. This upgrade requires a complete teardown.

Hard drive: The hard drive on these systems requires palmrest removal. Partial disassembly is required to replace the hard drive. In some cases, the I/O daughterboard near the hard drive may need to be removed.

Wireless card: The wireless card not only requires palmrest removal, but is whitelisted. The card must be on the HP whitelist or the system will not boot.

Realtek WiFi models appear to use a uncommon or nonstandard module as well. This module is larger then industry standard wireless cards used by everyone else. It may not be possible to use other modules in Realtek laptops.

HP has opted to make many components in this system unnecessarily difficult to replace. The vast majority of components are upgradeable but it's very difficult to do so. This is likely a nudge by HP to discourage users to upgrade the system.


Due to the general nature of this Device page, specs are not provided. To look up the specs of your system, search the model number online through HP or Google.

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