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The Wii Remote is the original, primary controller for the Nintendo Wii game console released November 19, 2006. The model number for the original Wii Remote is RVL- 003.

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My Wii Remote is draining the batteries way too fast.

Hi, community of iFixit! So I’ve got a strange problem with one of my Wii Remotes. One of them is draining the battery surprisingly fast (about 10 minutes from full to flat). The weird thing is that the problem is not with the batteries since I’ve tried many different types, but they are still going flat extremely fast in this Wii Remote. If I put in really powerful batteries, I’m probably getting about 20 minutes more of battery life… But still!

I’m not sure if there is some short circuit in the motherboard in the remote or not, but as far as I’ve understood (by Google) the batteries should begin to go flat after around 30 hours of gameplay. Not 10-30 minutes.

The remote is old, yes. But this is still a weird behaviour. Have anyone got any solution or thought of what could cause this short battery life?

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If your Nintendo Wii Remote is having battery issues, use this Nintendo Wii Remote Won’t Turn On problem page for possible causes and solutions.

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That did not help at all. The question posed described the problem well. The remote works fine, but battery life is abysmal. The linked page only has solutions for the remote not turning on. Did you read the question before answering?


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