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ASUS 120W AC/DC adapter. plug (computer end)

Is there a source for that plug, and is it reasonable to repair it?

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Hi @ajward ,

What is the model number of the Asus computer that the adapter cord plugs into?


It is a G74S. The AC/DC adapter is a Delta Electronics Model #N17908 V85. Output is 19.5V; 7.7A


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Hi @ajward

It is interesting the the adapter’s specifications state 19.5V 7.7A whereas the Asus specifications for the laptop’s power adapter say 19V 6.3A for both the 150W and 120W laptop model. I don’t think that the Asus website is totally correct as 120W @ 19V = 6.3A and 150W @ 19V = 7.88A, (19.5V @ 7.7A = 150W) so I’m guessing that you must have the i7 CPU version or the adapter that is capable of supplying it. The voltage difference between your adapter and the specifications is negligible and the adapter will only supply as much current as the laptop needs at any given point in time, not what it is capable of providing, all of the time regardless.

I’m only bringing this up as all I could find that I think is suitable is this plug, which would cover both 120W and 150W.

It is an inline 2.5mm x 5.5mm DC power plug, with a voltage rating of 20V and a current rating of 8A. The size of the plug is based on what I’ve found when looking for the adapter and a lot of suppliers specify the dimensions. Given the price you could always order one or find another supplier that suits you, that has a plug with the same dimensions and ratings and test fit it before doing any connections to make sure it fits correctly ;-)

You will need to connect the +ve lead from the adapter to the centre connector and the -ve lead to the outer connector in the plug.

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Jayeff, thank you very much. Your answer makes it possible for me to resolve this issue.


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