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Released May 2012, identified by model number J2011-03-US.

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I charge it through micro usb port but with voltage up to 14 volt

What happened was that i was making a mobile charger myself to check my charger i plug it with jawbone. It light up for few second and then light goes off when i check my usb charger with voltage meter it gave about 14 volt throughput to jawbone

in the end now my big jambox jawbone is neither turned on nor charge

i checked everything in my jawbone but found nothing wrong

i am very worried

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You may have damaged the battery or the charging circuit in the speaker.

Normally Lithium-Ion batteries should not be charged at more the 4V/cell.

The speaker has an 11.1V battery (i.e. 3 cells) so the max charge voltage should be no more than 12V.

You may have to start doing point to point testing of the circuit from the charge port to the battery.

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Sir i am a very beginner at this point and i don’t have any knowledge about testing

Is there any way i can do

This is the best speaker that I bought

And i lives in pakistan


Hi @mufeez

You would need to have a digital multimeter and know how to use it to test the various electronic components that make up the speaker's power circuit.

This is not something that a beginner can do easily as you have to recognize what the various components are as well as what their function may be in the circuit and then know how to test them with the meter. This is doubly difficult if there is no schematic diagram available (I can't find one anyway), to be able to refer to.

Perhaps it is better if you take the speaker to a reputable, professional electronics repair service and ask them how much it would cost to fix.


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The Jawbone has a battery designed to be charged up to 12 volts. The USB port power line is supposed to be a 5 volt supply, so to power the device and trickle-charge the battery, it is connected to a voltage step-up circuit. The output of that step-up circuit should be 12 volts. When you connect a 14 volt supply to the 5v line, you will certainly destroy the step-up circuit, but in the second before it blows it may send up to 35volts to the rest of the circuitry, destroying that too.

The chances are that the only salvageable parts now are the box and the battery (which probably won't be exposed to this voltage for long enough to do any harm before the components in between burn out.


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