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How to repair cd player

my laptop cd player has stopped working, how can I fix this

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Hi @mackemmick ,

What exactly is the problem?

Can you insert, eject a disc?

Can you hear the disc rotate when it has been inserted?

Have you checked the status of the drive in Device Manager to see if it is "working OK" or if there are other problems with it?

If Win 10 is installed, right click on the Windows Start button, left side of the Taskbar and select Device Manager. When in Device Manager scroll down to find DVD/CD-Rom drives, click on > to the left of the entry to expand the list and then right click on the cd drive entry, select Properties and check the Device Status box in the General Tab.

If the device status says that it is working properly but it doesn’t work it may be that there is a problem with the mechanical sections of the drive or maybe the laser lens, as the OS can communicate with the drive OK

It is easier to replace the drive than try to fix it especially if it is a lens problem, unless the lens is just dirty of course and that’s why it is not reading the disc. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that show how to clean the lens in a laptop dvd/cd drive.

If a dirty lens is not the problem and Device Manager shows that it is OK, here’s how to replace the drive in your laptop.

Replacement drives are available online. Just search for Toshiba C70D-C dvd drive to get results for suppliers of the part.

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