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Series of HP Pavilion laptops released in 2015. The 15-p is more difficult to service then later 15-x models.

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(Black Screen of Death with Integrated Graphics disabled) PLEASE HELP


I successfully Disabled [Intel HD Graphics] using device manager on my pc that has operates solely with a HDMI connected.

Disabling integrated graphics lead to no being able to boot into BIOS[iknow], Thus cannot boot into safe mode. Please help as this my only PC I have around

Things I have tried

  • -New HDMI and Monitor Connection
  • -Reseting the CMOS battery
  • -Boot into safe mode/bios
  • -Reseting/ Swap Ram slots

PC boot responses

  • -Light on power and LEDs
  • -Fan powered on
  • -USB and other ports working
  • -Beeping Noise when button presses with keyboard(USB)
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The best way to deal with the BIOS video issue is just to pull the battery and start from ground zero - yes you may need to reconfigure some things, but it will get you into a better state then you are now at least on the firmware end instead of requiring you to tinker with it for hours. The problem is on the 15-p, the way you get to the battery is a proper nightmare since the motherboard needs to be pulled out. This guide is for the hard drive, but AT LEAST you’re halfway to the CMOS battery.

The second issue is if this is a SOFTWARE LEVEL device disable, you may need to reinstall Windows if you cannot get in through the normal boot process since you disabled the way in that always works. You may be able to get in through the normal boot process, but I would be ready to do an OS reinstall if you want to hope to get anywhere. To rule out if it’s the hardware once the BIOS works, boot it into Linux or a Windows install DVD - if it was successful, you’ll get an image on the laptop.

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Thanks, I will look into that. Although I am not sure how to flash the PC with a black screen


@woof The battery removal will clear out any bad BIOS settings that caused it if it's due to a bad setting.


@nick Oh ok, would the bios boot onto a HDMI, since my OG laptop is display is removed/damaged


@woof It would help if the bad settings are the issue at the low level.


When turning on my laptop I have a black screen while the fan is working with loud noise sound, I have tried removing and placing my Ram on to another slot and it's the same ... I need help with the black screen.


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