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Samsung's flagship tablet, released in March 2017. Identified by model number SM-T820.

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TAB S6 Half of the screen with white lines

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Sometimes all the screen work but with lower resolution and sometimes half of it get black-white lines as the picture and the other half looks good.

The touch screen is working good and I am sure this is not a SW or firmware thing.

What could be the reason? any advise would be helpful.

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How you fix it?

I have the same problem


I have the same problem did you fix this


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Hi @juankpg ,

Given that it is intermittent it may be a loose display flex cable connection at either end, display or systemboard or perhaps it is an internal problem in the display itself. Worst case would be a problem on the systemboard.

As a DIY repair all you can do is to open the tablet and check the cable connections are secure and if they are is then to temporarily replace the screen and check what happens.

Here’s a video that shows how to replace the display assembly in your tablet.

Replacement screens are available online. Just search for Galaxy Tab S6 LCD screen to get results for suppliers of the part that suit you.

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I have the same problem did you fix it


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