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The Motorola Moto Z Force (XT1650) is an Android smartphone developed by Motorola. It also is known as the Moto Z Force for markets outside the US and has been available since July 2016.

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My screen has gone black, but it is still responsive to touch.

I was in the bathroom watching a Logic stream when i accidentally dropped my phone. It landed on the ground screen first and now the screen is completely black, but still responsive to touch. I’m asking here because a screen replacement is out of the question for me, I don’t just have 200 dollars to spend on one. What can I do?

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As a DIY repair, all you can try is to first check that the LCD display flex cable connector has not been dislodged from the systemboard, although given that the touchscreen still works it seems unlikely but you never know it may be at one end only perhaps.

If it appears to be OK all you can then do is to temporarily replace the display assembly and check whether the problem is in the display or on the systemboard.

Here’s the ifixit Motorola Moto Z Force Droid Repair guides which may be of some help.

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