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Repair guides and troubleshooting for the Dell Latitude 3400, a business laptop computer with a 14 inch screen, released in 2019.

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How to remove ransom ware from laptop

how can you remove ransom ware from my laptop?

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More details please.


What ransomeware is it? How did you get it? I cant be of help if I dont know what ransomware it is


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As far as I know… the only safe way to remove ransomware is to either pay (which can’t guarantee your data) or wipe the drive (which nukes everything, including the ransomware.

Good luck!

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The only good way with ransomware is to wipe the drive the OS is loaded, while preserving the recovery partition if it has one and isn’t damaged. If the system has a recovery partition from Dell*, then you can use that but you can also wipe it with the Media Creation Tool image. However, if it has a recovery partition do not delete it unless it was also damaged.

*Dell switched to the Microsoft tools from their own on some late production Windows 10 systems, while others have the Dell tools even though they encourage you to use the Microsoft method. I BELIEVE systems shipping from ~August no longer include such a partition from the factory with Dell.

The issue with Windows 10 systems that wasn’t a problem with 7/8 is most manufacturers no longer rely on a traditional recovery partition from the 7/8.x era, or ship reference installation media these days. With a business computer, the people buying them are capable of reinstalling Windows without a recovery partition or image them with a corporate image so it’s not strictly necessary. In fact, your Windows 10 Latitude may have never had such a partition since the Latitude is part of the business lineup - they probably know that the people who buy business hardware use the Media Creation Tool image or a custom one. You can (and should) check, but if you do not see it you’ll need to grab the drivers with the service tag, a Windows 10 image and a 16GB USB drive.

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