MacBook Pro Retina 13 2014 a1502 Trackpad Jumpy + Screen Sleeping

Hey everyone, I am trying to figure out what is the culprit with my MBP 13 Retina

The Issue:

This issue is off and on. The trackpad would work like normal, then the screen would fade into black (like it’s going to sleep) I can wake it via the keyboard and trackpad but the trackpad would be erratic. Clicking is fine but the trackpad movements the mouse would jump. Then the screen would fade to black again. A PRAM and NVRAM reset doesn’t fix it.

Things I have done:

  • PRAM and NVRAM reset
  • Apple hardware test passes
  • Coconut battery shows Full Charge Capacity 35%* No Battery Bulge
  • Disassemble the whole logic board and cleaned it with air.
  • Checked for missing transistors and/or chips. I didn’t see anything missing
  • Checked the hall sensor on the logic board. It looks fine. Saw a bunch of Youtube videos of Louis Rossman and it seems like the hall sensor was ok
  • Took a magnet to the where the hall sensor is and the mac sleeps and wakes fine
  • Reseated every ribbon cable on the laptop

Again it’s weird issue. The laptop would work totally fine then the trackpad starts becoming erratic than the screen would fade to black.

Also to note: when the trackpad is being jumpy the keyboard works 100% fine, if I plug a mouse in it works 100% and doesn’t jump around but the screen would still fade to black and I would have to wake my laptop.

EDIT #1 Here is the coconut battery screenshot

Block Image

Also I ran the following command:

while true; do sleep 5; ioreg -r -k AppleClamshellState; done;

When the screen fades to black. I check the clamshell state and it states no.

Also looking at Ioreg info I saw this   |   "Last Sleep Reason" = "Clamshell Sleep"

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Can you paste a screenshot of CoconutBattery here so I can see it Adding images to an existing question


@danj just posted it! Let me know if there's anything else I can run to help you


Sometimes an old battery can mess you up! Basically one of the cells breaks down so the current is not enough. Looking at the cycle count it is still technically below the point I would normally suspect that as the issue. Was the skin of the battery dented severely anywhere?

Let's try a different tack. Install this great app TG Pro so we can monitor your systems thermals. Take note the next time the trackpad gets jump and/or the display fades on you. Take a snapshot of the apps main window and post it here so we can see.


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