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Gateway laptop identified by model #MT3707

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How to replace hard drive

I'm trying to replace the hard drive, but the caddy is stuck on something. Hiw do I get it out without breaking it?

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With the MT3707 you’ll need to locate an IDE hard drive if my research is correct. As far as I can tell this is straight out of 2001 and shipped with Windows XP, and many of these early XP laptops from 2001-3 use IDE instead of SATA. You cannot find a new IDE hard drive these days unless you:

  • Somehow get very lucky
  • Pay more then you would for a new SATA drive

In this case, your best bet is to either call uncle and buy a more modern laptop - new or used, or buy an M.2 (SATA)>IDE adapter and a 128GB SSD since you don’t need much more for Windows XP. XP does not support TRIM natively, so you will need to TRIM the SSD manually unless you purchase one with firmware level TRIM support that does not depend on the OS to work.

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