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Repair, troubleshooting, and disassembly guides for Netgear routers.

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How to turn an old netgear router in to an ethernet hub

My google router only has one ethernet port, but i have way more than one device I would like to use. I have an old netgear router, can I turn it into an ethernet splitter/switch to use my tv and computer with?

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Let us know the exact model of your google router and netgear router too, it depends .... e.g. like login to netgear router, disable dhcp server, and if need wireless, remains or set the settings as in or disable it when not necessary. connect from the google lan to either port 1 - 4 (i suppose there is for your netgear router)


Ok will do. I will get those to you


Netgear router- wireless g router WGR614v9

Google router- model a4rac-1304


Not the nest 2nd gen. These are not mest products, they are google. Heres a link to the google ones.


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Net gear routers should have an option that allows you to configure it in AP Mode or Access Point Mode. After it’s in access point mode, you can plug it into your google router and use it as a splitter and access point both.

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How do I access that


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Here’s the user manual for the Netgear router. Go to the Wireless Repeating Section p.4-10

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